Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dog Chews: Rawhide, Pig's Ears & Hooves

I recently posted in a forum about the dangers of rawhides, pig's ears and hooves. I decided I should post the info here on The Critter Gang's blog.

A lot of people seem to still be unaware these items can be extremely dangerous to our beloved dog friends. I couldn't believe someone was suggesting these items to be given to a dog to control chewing. It amazes me these dangerous chews are still on the market when they are hazardous enough to cause the death of our beloved dog friends.

Folks please educate yourselves on the dangers of these terrible 'treats'. I have known about the dangers for many, many years, as a vet warned us against them a long time ago.

BEWARE: They cause severe and costly health problems and can lead to death!

Rawhides, as well as any of these types of 'treats' like those mentioned above, have been well known to cause a variety of ailments from choking to blockage. They can, over time actually cause a blockage in your dog's intestines, with expensive surgery usually being the only option. Chewed off pieces can be easily swallowed and become lodged in your pet's throat causing him/her to choke. In addition, they can get bacterial infections, etc.

Here are some links you can refer to for more info on these so-called treats...

So, please always remember 2 things...

1. NEVER give your best bud rawhides, pig's ears, hooves or anything like that in nature.
2. Always monitor your best bud when (s)he is given something (s)he can chew pieces off and swallow.

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