Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Corey's Saga (c)2011

New short story from the author of the much beloved, heartwarming tale Mama, Where Do Strays Go?
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Bittersweet story follows a puppy sold by a backyard breeder/puppy mill to a city/town pet store. From the pet store, the puppy is purchased as a gift for someone else. The story offers one of the many reasons why pets should not be purchased as gifts regardless of whether the pet is bought from a store, a backyard breeder or a registered breeder.

Please read, review and recommend to all your friends this Christmas season... and remember, never purchase a pet as a gift, be it Christmas, Easter, birthday, anniversary, etc. Always include the recipient and/or the recipient's family.

Product Specifications
Word Count 1540
File Format Book will be delivered as a PDF download.