Tuesday, May 22, 2012

West Paw Designs® Chew Toy Test

There has been a lot of talk lately about bringing jobs back “home” to the United States. Jobs have been lost for many reasons recently. Jobs have been lost for many reasons over the last couple decades to foreign countries. Jobs gone overseas... China, Indonesia, India, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, Mexico, etc. Everywhere you look products sold in many stores have labels which state “Made in ____”. You fill in the blank. People want manufacturing brought back to the United States. People want to buy products that have labels which state “Made in the USA” or “Made in America”.
How many people remember when Sam Walton bragged he stocked his store with American made products. Now, one is hard pressed to find an item that is American made in the store that bears his name. In fact, the store is now known for its unAmerican cheap imported products. Sad. I’m sure Sam would not be happy about that.
Well, Paws4Critters Pet Stuff is dedicated to bringing American made pet products to pet lovers.
Recently, I ordered some American made chew toys from one of our suppliers, West Paw Designs® , for some of my own dogs. I can happily report the dog that loves to chew, Shasta, loves the new toys! She plays with them daily. When they have been picked up, she will hunt for them and steal them from wherever they have been placed. I really need to teach her to stay off the counters! I also tested the stuffable toys, the Tux® and the Twiz®. I stuffed each one with treats & used squeeze cheese to top them off. You can use peanut butter, too. Be sure if your dog has special dietary requirements to only stuff toys with what your dog can have. If you are not sure, please consult your vet.
West Paw Designs®  Zogoflex® toys are:
  • “guaranteed to last”
  • 100% recyclable
  • non-toxic
  • float
  • dishwasher safe
They are good for chewing, bouncing & floating in the pool. Some are even great for stuffing and tug-o-war.
Some of the Zogoflex®  toys I ordered and tested from West Paw Designs® are:
  • Hurley® (bone shaped - can be fetched or just chewed on and all around great fun)
  • Tux® (stuffable & chewed on and all around great fun)
  • Jive® (ball - can be fetched and bounced and all around great fun)
  • Twiz® (stuffable & chewed on, fetched and all around great fun)
  • Bumi® (the “u” is a long “u” as in Boomerang. it’s “s” shaped and can be thrown like a frisbee or used as a tug toy and all around great fun)
Here are a couple pics of Shasta playing with...
West Paw Designs® Hurley®

West Paw Designs® Tux®

Here’s a video of Shasta playing with the West Paw Designs® Bumi®

Here's a video of Shasta fetching the West Paw Designs® Jive® Ball 

My hope is to help this great American company, which manufactures American made pet products in Bozeman, Montana with American workers, get their products out to American pet lovers who want to buy American, who don’t want to worry about where their pet products are made or what they are made with.
West Paw Designs®  also offers soft, stuffed pet toys for dogs & cats, pet bedding, clothing and more. They use recyclable materials and recycled/reclaimed materials. Please browse Paws4Critters Pet Stuff for great West Paw Designs®  pet stuff. If previous link does not work, please visit www.addoway.com/paws4critters or www.paws4critters.com
Please remember...
Support your neighbors... support your country... bring jobs back to America... keep jobs in America... BUY AMERICAN!
Thanks for reading, browsing, shopping!
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