Monday, April 9, 2012

Shasta Myst is on Facebook!

Hi, I'm Shasta. My full name is Shasta Myst. I told Robyn, she's the one who cares fur me, I wanted to be on facebook; so, my fwiends who like to read m'blog didn't have to wait 'til I wrote another one. I'm so glad she agreed to start me my own page. Now I can post pics of me an' m'fwiends.

I tried to git the name Shasta on Facebook, but it wuz no longer there. Sooo, I went wif my full name, Shasta Myst. I'm named for the Shasta mountains and cuz I got a mist of a creamy color to my whiteness, Myst was added.

Robyn wuz my furst fan... not just in real life, but on Facebook, too! Now, I got a few fans. If you want to follow the world famous woof, Shasta Myst, come on over to

Hopin' to see y'all there. Got lotsa pics posted of me an' my fwiends and even a story of me going to PetSmart recently.

If ya like my page and you know someone else who also might like it, please spread the word... or bark, whine, whimper... or however you git your message across!

Thanks fur all the likes!

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