Monday, August 9, 2010

New Ebook for Owners of Diabetic Dogs

I am happy to announce that I have finished writing my first ebook!

The ebook is titled Living With A Diabetic Dog.

This ebook was written from a dog owners point of view for other dog owners. Written in a simple, easy to understand format with real life information from Chico, my mom's diabetic Chihuahua. This ebook will help anyone dealing with a diabetic dog.

Important information covered in this ebook ranges from recognizing symptoms to emergency conditions such as ketoacidosis and hypoglycemia. There is also a section on how to choose a veterinarian. I have also indcluded some links at the end for further reference and reading. For more on what is covered, please see the table of contents image (below right).

I have included a screen shot of Chapter 1: Recognizing the Symptoms as an example of the ebook's style and information. 

Special page on how I got/get Chico to eat when he refused or still refuses, which he does from time to time. 

Please click this link  Living With A Diabetic Dog to order your copy of this informative little ebook. 

Delivered electronically withing 24 hours via email. Weekends & holidays may take a little longer. Because shipping is electronic via email, there is no shipping fees.

The ebook format is in Adobe .pdf; so, you will need to have Adobe Reader.
It is 27 pages from start to finish.
It is approx. 645 kb.

Actual screen shot of the Table of Contents
A sample of the ebook, a screen shot of the Chapter 1 Recognizing The Symptoms

Ebook Reviews...
This is absolutely wonderful and so well written. It is so complete with information, yet written simply enough for Joe Shmoo to understand. I can't find anything to pick apart about it. And so necessary now, people are letting their pets get obese and the problem is increasing... Anyway, so well done. 
Nancy, Nancy's Nostalgic Dolls,
All I can say is WOW... very well written with many well talked about information. This book brought back memories of a dog my mom and dad had that became diabetic and by the time they found out it was too late. I have to say you did a wonderful job of explaining everything you should know from the symptoms to vets to treatments. I highly commend you for the wonderful work you have done. 
Regina, Buttons and More,
Wow very informative... written very well; it was easy to understand and easy to read. 
Cindy, Critter Creek Ranch,

You did a fantastic job with this! Super A+++++++++++
Mary, SofyBlu2 Vintage Collectibles & More,
Oh, my. I have just finished reading your book more carefully/thoroughly. It is very informative and awesome! I do like the brown informational boxes about specifics of your fur baby. Your 'Forward' to your book is great and very touching. I have 3 dogs and a cat, so have done reading on fur-babies quite a bit. I would have to say your e-book is very professional and informative. I give you an A+ and a hug for all of your efforts in your book.
Julie, The-Pink-Frog-Shoppe,
Very good! Well written and informative. Would be very helpful to anyone whose dog is diagnosed with diabetes. I admire your dedication to and the desire to help others in the same position.
Joyce, Twin Beaks Pets,