Monday, November 29, 2010

Please Help Raise Funds for Harley

This is Harley. He is a sweet little guy about 1-1/2 years old.

To all my critter friends and friends of critters...

Harley is one of three stray/feral cats I try to care for. I provide fresh water and food for him.
I am working on getting him his own shelter, but until then he is currently staying in an old bus. He has an old cat bed and some blankets to snuggle in during the cold nights we have been having recently.

I am trying to raise some funds to help get Harley some medical attention. There are 3 things I am hoping to provide for him...
1. Testing for FIV & FeLV (see below)
2. Vaccinations
3. Neutering to stop any territorial male stuff, as well as mating, which will in turn stop producing any unwanted litters.

Cat overpopulation is a big problem many urban, suburban and rural areas are trying to cope with. Another issue many are trying to cope with is the spread of feline diseases, which can be highly contagious and sometimes deadly. Some of these deadly diseases are transmitted through territorial males fighting.

If we can prevent the mating of males & females, we can put a stop to unwanted litters of kittens. According to the ASPCA, 5-7 million companion animals enter shelters each year. Of these, 3-4 million are euthanized. Approximately, 70% of all cats/kittens relinquished by owners or picked up by animal control are euthanized, which means 7 out of 10 cats/kittens are euthanized. Of course, the percentage is a nationwide percentage and may vary by actual location. According to the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy (NCPPSP) less than 2% of cats are reunited with their owners. In addition, only about 10% of the animals received by shelters are spayed or neutered. It has been estimated there are up to 70 million stray cats nationwide. A cat can have, on average, 1-2 litters per year of about 4-6 kittens.

Neutering the male is half the battle of trying to control these numbers.

An un-neutered male also becomes territorial, as he searches for a female to mate with. These un-neutered males will fight when they come in contact with each other, be it trespassing into another's territory or for the mating rights with a female in the area. This fighting brings on illness and transfers highly contagious diseases from one male to another.
Two of these highly contagious diseases are deadly...
1. FIV or Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, which is the feline equivalent of HIV. FIV, like HIV, can become AIDS, in this case known as Feline AIDS.
2. FeLV or Feline Leukemia Virus, which can lead to other ailments such as lymphoma - a cancer of the lymph system.

Harley & I appreciate any help anyone can offer.

Thanks for all your help and God bless!

Monday, November 22, 2010

More of Bonnie Blu

OK, folks... I had to do it.
More pics of little 8 month old Bonnie Blu.
Sometimes, kittens can be so dadgum cute!

Took these today, November 21, 2010.

No, I am not pole dancing!
I am practicing to be on Dancing with the Stars!

Thank you, thank you very much!
Am I not just the cat's meow?!
Now, don't furget to vote fur me...
(Disclaimer: not a real phone number)

In all reality, Bonnie just likes to climb things and play the wind chimes.
The wind chimes are her favorite instrument!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Paws4Critters Pet Stuff

Howdy, my dearest critter friends & friends of critters, I have a new booth on

The new booth features handmade / handcrafted dog and cat toys and blankets and/or beds. The toys and the blankets are made of washable fleece. Some of the toys have cords on them for dangling, dragging or tying to a stationary object. The cords are made of either 100% cotton or 100% polyester depending on supplier and availability. The blankets are hand-tied, not sewn. They are soft, warm and double thick, usually with critter themes. They can either be used as blankets for small animals or beds for small dogs or cats to lie on. I do plan to offer larger blankets for larger dogs. In the meantime, if you need a larger blanket, please contact me through my booth and let me know what size you need.

In the future, I hoping to offer handmade Martingale collars. They are similar to chain choke collars, but without the chain and the choke. They are better for dogs with smaller heads than necks, as well as dogs with sensitive throats. Hopefully, I will be able to offer them before Christmas or, at least, before the new year.

I already have some original toys listed:
  •  Alley Cat Knapsack
  •  Crazy Cattails
  •  Catfish Catch
Please stop by the booth and check out the really cool toys and great blankets at
or... click the box on the right that goes directly to the booth!

Thanks...  Robyn & The Critter Gang

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Caught! Another Dog Rescue... Bonnie Blu

Awwww... ain't she cute with hind feet in her face?
Bonnie Blu @ approx 1 month
Bonnie Blu is the latest rescue by Hershey.
They kitten hunter/rescuer has struck again!

Dusty & Sandy's mother, Mama Kitty had a litter of kittens under the house.
It is believed another black & white cat, Jake, is Bonnie's father.

Bonnie, who has acquired the nick name Bon Bon, is the purrrfect example of "yeah, it looks like a purebred, but... nope, think again!" Don't  be so quick to think you have a purebred anything. Bonnie is proof you can look like a pedigree, but you are far from it. If you have a stray that looks like a purebred, chances are a combination of breeds have fooled you. If Bonnie had been found without knowing who her parents were, the assumption would have been made that at least one of her parents was a full blood Siamese. Nothing could be further from the truth. Although she was born outside and essentially stray, her parentage is known.

Bonnie's parents are BOTH black & white... one short hair and one long hair. Both black & white cats have some sort of Oriental cat in their ancestry. Since we cannot figure out if she is a Chocolate or a Seal Point Siamese, I have decided to call her a Penguin Point Siamese! The wrinkled up faces with question marks surrounding them will be hysterical!

Jake is a grandson of Mama Kitty from a litter she had with a short haired cat. Jake is a black and white short haired cat who's features are very Siamese or some Oriental cat breed. Of course, remember, Mama Kitty has some Oriental cat breed in her as well, whether it's Siamese or Himalayan or something else, as many of her kittens either feature Oriental points or appearance by features such as long tail, pointy nose, etc.

Hershey found Bonnie under one of the back decks. After trying to rescue her by pawing at the wood plank step, he allowed me to remove the plank with a drill. I pulled her out and he began fawning over her trying to pick her up and carry her around like she was his.

It is estimated Bonnie was born around March 14th, 2010.

Bonnie loves playing with her half siblings, Dusty & Sandy, to whom she has become very close.

About Bonnie's name... Bonnie Blu is the name of the daughter Rhett Butler & Scarlett O'Hara of Gone with the Wind. Bonnie Blu was chosen when Bonnie was approx 1-1/2 months old. It was believed at the time she was a blue point Siamese. It was later found a seal point Siamese can sometimes be mistaken for a blue point when young. Because she also has Tabby features (stripes on her fore-legs), as well as her parents being all black & white, she does not totally fit the seal point Siamese. She seems to also fit the chocolate point Siamese. Her color point is a mystery. She is getting dark enough, though, to conclude she just may well lean towards a seal point Siamese. So, her Bonnie Blu is representative of her captivating blue eyes, which are ever so slightly crossed... or, of course, they just may be set too close together.

Here are some of her favorite pics...

Hi, I am from Australia... NOT!
My imitation of a koala bear.

Do you see it?
Can you see the end of my tongue?
How 'bout that punchy bag thingy?

My halo... don't you see it?
A purrrrfect angel!

Look deep into my eyes...
Now, open the can of tuna fish and put it in front of me.

Wow, look how dark I'm getting!
8 mos

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun... Silver Sands 'Sandy'

"Girls just wanna have fun"
What? You don't like my singin'?
Silver Sands or 'Sandy' is named for her silvery gray color. She is a light gray calico, as she has a slight tan sandy color mixed into her silvery gray.

Sandy's mother is believe to be the same as Dusty's... Mama Kitty, a long haired black and white cat.
Sandy's father is believed to be, yes, again, the same as Dusty's... either Devil or Taz.
This is supported by the fact Dusty had a sister in his litter that was colored almost exactly like Sandy.

Sandy was born approx. October 8th, 2009.

We 'rescued' her from about 5 males in the area. When she was about 5 months old, she started showing signs of possibly reaching adulthood, as these males followed her everywhere she went. She tried to hide but to no avail. Most folks thought she may have become pregnant with this ordeal when the males began to leave her alone.

Sandy at 6 mos when she lived outside
Not so. The following month was more of the same. Once again, she was trying to fend off the advances of these males.

Sandy, however, had no desire for any of them. All she could think of was playing. She would try to play with anything from a leaf to a small stone or twig. She would play until one of the males tried to have their way with her. When the torment of the males came to be too much, it was decided to take her in and give her a home away from the advances of the outdoor males.

Once inside, Sandy settled right in. Being only 6 months younger than Dusty, the two hit it off. Dusty had already been neutered; so, all he wanted to do was play. He taught her how to have fun playing indoors. Within months, Sandy was spayed. She never really wanted anything but to be able to play like a kitten.

Now, all she ever does... all her waking moments... are spent playing and having a good time.
Oh, hi... just tryin' ta make this box bigger;
you shoulda seen it when I started!
She has never given any indication that she even misses being outside. It is as if she was meant to be a playful kitten forever.

Sandy recently had her 1st birthday and has not slowed down. All she wants to do is have fun. Along with Dusty and a new kitten, Bonnie, she is all play!

(Note: Sandy & Dusty are probably brother and sister; however, they are of different litters. Bonnie is their half sister.)

Dog Rescue or Toy?... Dusty Patches

Dusty was sort of 'rescued', we think.
He was born April 2nd, 2009.

During the night, Copper went outside. After being out for quite a while, he was called in.
He would not come. Not to worry; he almost never comes when he is called.

It is always good to know your dogs' personalities. Maverick also was outside. When he was called in, he, too, would not come. This was totally unlike Maverick. He obeys quite well.

When Maverick would not respond, I knew something was up. However, I had no idea nor did I even imagine the scene I was about to walk up on. I assumed something bad... coyotes, perhaps, had their attention.

Dusty @ 1 month old
No... Copper had a small kitten upside down. I couldn't tell if he had watched Hershey try to pick kittens up or if he thought the tiny 'mews' coming from the kitten was equivalent to the squeaker in a squeak toy. If he figured the latter, then, my thoughts were is he trying to catch a kitten or pull the squeaker and stuffing from the kitten's belly. I wondered if Copper even understood what he had and what he was doing.

My first thought was to separate Copper and the kitten. As I pushed Copper out of the way, I realized there was blood on the kittens hair. Fearing Copper had done damage to the small kitten, I took the kitten inside for a quick exam.

Maverick stood by watching trying to figure out if he could get in on the act.

As it turned out, the kitten was not bleeding; he only had blood on him. Copper, on the other hand, had a bloody nose and mouth. In trying to pick the kitten up or pull the stuffing out, the kitten used his claws to scratch Copper enough to make him bleed.

Dusty's mother is a long haired black and white cat. What breed gives her the long hair is unknown, but one theory is Himalayan, as Dusty has Himalayan points similar to that of a Siamese. A Himalayan could very well be a long haired Siamese, or at least, I think so!

Dusty's father is one of two Maine Coon mixes, Devil or Taz, who is either Devil's brother or son.

ha ha... you funny lookin' wit camera stuck to face!
Dusty @ 1 year
Over time, Dusty has been found to possibly have seizures from having toxoplasmosis.
Yes, the same disease/illness doctors warn pregnant women about telling them not to clean the litter box while they are pregnant. The illness can infect cats as well and lead to seizures. Dusty has difficulty breathing when cradled in one's arms like a baby. He also has breathing problems when he purrs. Sometimes, thankfully infrequently, if he ends up sleeping on his back or if he falls asleep with his neck bent, he again has breathing problems. Sometimes he throws his head from side to side, becomes frantic wanting to be put down and acts as if he is gasping for breath.

He is not on any medication at the moment, but his condition is monitored. If he begins having these symptoms more often, his vet will be consulted.

All in all, Dusty is a real sweetheart staying by your side at almost all times.

The Dog Rescue... Katy Rose

Katy Rose is a black & white cat who was 'rescued' by Hershey.

Joker - kitty
 I know, you thought this was going to be a story about a rescued dog,
didn't you?
Nope, it's the story of a kitten rescued by a dog.

To say Hershey loves cats would be an understatement. The dog seeks them out. If he were female, I believe he would mother them.

Katy's mother was a feral black cat. Her father, well, it is believed he was a Siamese who escaped from a neighbor's house. Sadly, the Siamese male lost his battle with the 70 mph highway that runs in front of our property. We saw the feral mother for a couple of years, but then she vanished.

So, how did Hershey rescue this half feral kitten? It seems critters seem to find the underneath of our house the perfect nursery! Several cats have given birth under the house, as well as a skunk. Unfortunately, it is believed the skunk met the same fate as Katy's father. The baby skunks, at least one, did not fair well either, as it's tiny body was found at the edge of the house... maybe it wandered when mom didn't come back. It was buried in the Paws4Critters Cemetery guarded by St Francis.

Singin' in the Rain
On a happier note, Katy seems to have been the inquisitive kitten in her mother's litter. She wandered out from underneath the house and into the back yard. One night, while eating supper, Hershey repeatedly asked to go outside. He was told to 'go lay down', but he persisted. At this same time, we thought we saw someone walk across the deck. Not like a real person, but more like a shadow. When Hershey was finally let out, he searched the deck frantically. When we went to see what he was looking for, Hershey turned around with a little black & white kitten in his mouth. Being he has retriever in him, he carefully held the tiny kitten in his mouth.

To this day, it is believed the shadowy figure was one of two beings... St Francis of Assisi, who, of course, is the patron saint of critters, with a special delivery or, perhaps, God, delivering a blessing in a furry bundle!

We took Katy inside and cleaned the Hershey slobber from her. Her unmistakable 'Joker' smile led to the idea to call her Joker; however, saner minds prevailed. Instead, we went with the black & white theme.

With Cindy named for cinders and Ashley for ashes, we searched high and lo for a suitable name to go with the two fire-related names of Cindy & Ashely. We came across St Catherine of Siena, who is the patroness against fire. We didn't want to give her such an aristocratic name as Catherine because of her Joker smile and feral beginnings. It just didn't seem to fit. So, Catherine was shortened to Katy, which was spelled as such because of the close proximity to the Katy RR lines, by which we live. The Rose portion of her name was in honor of the rosary.

Katy doing her Kilroy impression!
Interestingly, for a cat with a totally religious name, I seriously believe she heard us laugh and toy with the name Joker. I also believe she is fully aware her name as it is spelled, Katy, is the name of a locomotive. If she could have a sinister laugh, she would laugh similarly to the Joker, as she barrels through the house like a freight train!

She still has a feral-ness about her. She refuses to allow anyone to touch her feet... cutting her nails will send you to the hospital, or at least to the bathroom for antiseptics and bandages! She has finally allowed us to at least pet her. We have been working hard on that; however, her vicious attacks are still unpredictable and unwarranted, at least in our eyes. She can be calm one minute and lash out in an instant. Still, she is a sweetheart and we love her!

She also has an oddity about her... she does not purr!
I have never heard of a domestic cat, regardless of her being half feral, not purring. I believe she was born without a 'purr box'. How is it that a cat does not or cannot purr. Never heard of such a thing.