Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Second Miracle... Pearl Ann

A little more than a year after the first miracle a second miracle landed right in front of my truck on May 30, 2002.

On that day, I was headed home from work on the same US Hwy I scooped Amber up on.
I was a little closer to town though this time.

As I just entered town, a small kitten, about 7-8 wks old, bounced off the driver's door of a truck going the opposite direction. My first thought was "I can't believe this person just threw this kitten out the driver's window in front of me".

Dumbfounded, I have played that scene over and over in head year after year.

I quickly pulled over and stopped. Almost without looking, I ran out to the center of the road to try to catch this little kitten. She, obviously, was in no mood to be caught and plopped back into another truck.

As I, bent over, chased this little kitten all about the road's center stripe, I unwittingly had stopped traffic into town... 2, 3 and at least 4 cars just going into town and at least one leaving town. After what seemed like forever, I finally caught the little kitten.

I got back in the truck, placed her in my lap and drove home.

She didn't appear to have any injuries, but I made an appt with my vet to check her out.
She was fine.

Whenever I tell this story, the usual response from people is "did you report the guy?"
Well, um... no, I did not. I don' t even know if the person was a man or a woman.
I barely knew what color the truck was. I only know it was white because it was coming in the opposite direction, and I had a good long time to see the color. No I did not stop to get the plate number. I was locked in on "get the kitten out of the middle of the road before someone comes and runs it over". It was my top priority. Dealing with the other driver was not. Besides, how would I prove what I just saw?

The other question I get is "how do you know the person threw the cat out the window?"
I, too, have often asked myself this question, thinking maybe I was wrong.

Here's the conclusion I reached as to how I am not wrong...

1. Pearl was 7-8 wks old... approx. 2 mos old.
2. I saw her bounce off the driver's door?
3. If she was already on the ground, how did I see her bounce off the driver's door?
4. If she was already on the ground and was hit, how could she bounce high enough off the ground to hit the driver's door?
5. Critters don't bounce.
6. If she was already on the ground and was hit, she would have been run over and died. She was 2 mos old.
7. Maybe she jumped out the window. If she jumped out the window because the driver was holding her, wouldn't the driver stop and pick her up? Seriously, I would.

So, the only explanation I can understand is she was thrown from the truck.

When I tell this story, I met with total disbelief. People always reply "I have heard of that happening but never knew it actually did happen."

I often have thought I should have spelled her name Purrl, but I spelled it Pearl in honor of Minnie Pearl, of whom I was and am a huge fan.
Pearl is a silver, tan & white Tabico, Tabby/Calico, leaning more toward the Calico.
She has large round green eyes.
She has been such a sweetheart of a miracle.

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