Saturday, January 22, 2011

Devil's Surgery - January 11, 2011

For those following Devil from the Chip-In page, here's an update.

I did not receive much help from the Chip-In, but everything worked out OK. There was one sweet, caring individual who donated her Christmas Eve sales to Devil. To whom, Devil & I thank and are much appreciative!

On January 11, 2011 between 8 & 8:30 a.m., Devil was on his way to All About Pets Animal Hospital. I didn't take him in the cat carrier I bought for him last August because he didn't like it the last time. He spun around like the Tasmanian Devil causing slight injury to his nose. He scraped it up a bit. We received snow a couple days before, which had yet to melt. Odd for north Texas, as it is usually gone by the same afternoon or, at the very least, the next day. Because of the cold, I wrapped Devil in a throw blanket. He meowed some in the truck, but was otherwise a good boy.

When I got there, I explained again how I wanted Dr. Rhoads to try to correct Devil's eye problem. They asked if I wanted blood work done prior to the surgery. I didn't really know. The anesthesiologist was there when I dropped Devil off; so, I was able to talk to her about the blood work and also a few concerns I had. For Instance, being Devil has tested positive for FIV, I was wondering how that affected the anesthesia. She said since Devil is 8-10 yrs old, the smaller blood test would probably be a good idea. It would check for any organ issues that he may have that have not presented symptoms yet. She said other than him possibly being a little anemic due to the FIV, he should be OK, otherwise.

I agreed to have the blood work done because the whole point was to make sure he was well and taken care of... something he's never had before.

After signing some paperwork and being reassured everything would be OK, I left and awaited their call with an update.

Shortly after lunch, I received the update call. Devil made it through his surgery & was doing well. Whew! I always get nervous when I have a critter undergoing anesthesia & surgery. Anesthesia can cause many problems and you never know what might happen. I was, needless to say, relieved to receive the call. I was told he could go home anytime after 4 p.m.

All About Pets Animal Hospital maintains a page on Facebook where Dr Rhoads posts a Case of the Day. These are cases that stand out that Dr Rhoads thinks people will find interesting. She includes photos of the critter along with captions as to what is going on in the photo. I did suggest they use Devil's surgery as the Case of the Day when I dropped him off; whether or not this led to them using his case, I don't know. If you would like to see Devil's Case of the Day, please click here: Case of the Day: Blink of an Eye

Before & after images:
Before surgery
After surgery
I think it is interesting to see how she corrected his problem. To leave a comment, you have to click the "Like" at the top of the page of All About Pets Animal Hospital's home page.

In addition to getting his eye fixed, Devil was also neutered and received all his shots.

When we got home, Devil was hungry & tired. He readily ate his supper & slept quietly in the laundry room for the rest of the day & night.

Please come back as I update his healing process.

Cold Reality of a Homeless Cat - January 10, 2011

From Chip-In...
January 9, 2010... mild fall-like weather turned ice cold overnight, bringing snow to north Texas beginning early in the morning continuing most of the day.

These pics are of Devil trying to cope with now lightly falling snow & cold winter of north Texas...

Hiding under a trailer to stay out of the falling snow
Trying to get through the freshly fallen snow
cold & wet, looking around at the now white world
wishing he was someplace warmer & drier

A Reason to Neuter - January 8, 2011

From Chip-In...
I am posting this because I want folks to understand the importance of neutering their male cats.

Devil recently got into another fight with another male that wandered into his territory. Male cats are very territorial. Being in bred it is a very difficult instinct to ignore.

Devil's bad eye is a reminder of how bad these fights can be.

Fighting is the number one way male cats transmit FIV, mostly from deep puncture wounds. FIV is the feline equivalent to HIV. FIV in cats can lead to Feline AIDS. Eye infections, I have read, are common in cats with FIV,and can be deadly.

Hopefully, once Devil is neutered,his fighting days will be over. Ending his fighting would have 2benefits:1.he will no longer transmit FIV and 2. he would not acquire any injuries that could cause infection and lead to his demise.

As described in the post about his eye, he has constant irritation with this eye. It drains constantly which requires cleaning. Because it is always wet, he gets dirt in it, which causes more irritation.

With the help of kind-hearted, cat loving folks, I hope to be able to get his eye injury corrected when he is neutered.

If you can spare even the smallest amount, Devil & I would appreciate any help you can offer.

We thank you for your big heart!
Robyn & Devil

Devil's Bad Eye - January 3, 2011

Another post from the Chip-In page...
As I am sure most can tell, Devil has a bad left eye.

A couple years ago, Devil got into a territorial fight with another roaming male believed to be Taz.

Taz is either Devil's brother or son... their births have been a while and memories being what they are...

My neighbor, when she was here, tried to care for Devil's eye without vet care. Since at that time, she claimed him for her's, I had to remain out of it. Something I now regret.

My neighbor told me once Devil didn't take kindly to having her put anything in his eye. I can understand, as I have since tried to get some meds in the eye myself when it becomes irritated. He puts up a fight, but I actually have gotten some in it a few times.

When Devil saw the vet in Aug 2010, she said, naturally, the injury was healed over and there was some scar tissue. Also, his eyelashes are now turned inward causing irritation to his eye. The irritation causes him to scratch at it. Because of the irritation, the sensitivity and him scratching, the skin around his eye now gets frequent infections. I got some antibacterial ointment from the vet, but getting it into his eye does prove difficult most of the time.

It is possible this injury is probably the injury that lead to Devil's FIV positive condition.

I was doing a little research on FIV when I found eye infections are common enough with FIV cats that he does not need any additional help from an old injury like the one described here.

It is possible, if the FIV becomes Feline AIDS, this old eye injury & it's chronic infections could deal a deadly blow.

I am hoping to have the injured eye corrected when I have him neutered. I think it will help him live a better, healthier life without the constant irritation.

With any luck, having him neutered will also curb some of his territorial habits.

I am trying to give this poor guy a fighting chance at a somewhat happy existence.

Thanks for any help anyone can offer... Robyn & Devil

Devil: December 23, 2010 post from Chip-In page

On December 17, 2010, I introduced y'all to Devil, a Maine Coon mix. Please refer to the post titled, The Outside Guys. Since Devil's Chip-In is ending, I am going to move all the posts to this blog. This is the first of the posts...
As winter begins to set in, I always feel so bad for the critters forced to live outside either because their people think it is better for them or because they have no people to care for them.

In Devil's case, he is an outdoor barn cat of sorts only without the barn. Most folks in this area keep cats in the barn to keep the rodent population in check. In Devil's case, a neighbor who use to live here just liked having cats around. She liked the kittens. Devil was one of those kittens abt 8-10 years ago.

Now, she's left and Devil was left to continue his outdoor life on his own. I guess she thought he could survive without her.

He's not much of a hunter, but he is very territorial.

Devil & I have been friends for most of his 8-10 yrs. When my neighbor left & I realized Devil was on his own, he was almost emaciated. He was thin. I began feeding him, and he has now put on a good bit of weight.

Now, as I said, I feel bad for those critters forced to live outside during the cold wintery months. Since Devil cannot live with my cats due to the deadly disease, FIV, he carries, I have to keep him separate. During warm days, Devil stays outside. He rarely roams and keeps very close to the house. At night, he comes in and stays in the laundry room, which is closed off from the rest of the house.

I thought everyone might like to know how Devil spends these cold days & nights. I suspect, when winter really kicks in here in TX in January & February, he will spend a great deal of time in the laundry room. Of course, I will have to take him out for walks. He walks with me like a dog.

He's a real sweet little guy.

I hope y'all will find a warm spot in your heart for this wonderful little kitty who just needs people to care about him and take good care of him. For years, those who said they cared and lay claim to him, never really did a lot to "care" for him. Now, he has the chance to finally have his needs taken care of.

Won't you help?
Thanks... Robyn & Devil